piątek, 16 sierpnia 2013

Some new ideas

Long time, no hear. Again. But now I'm back from vacation with some spare time (let's say) for tinkering in the lab. I have revised my plans a bit as my focus changed. The idea now is to bias some of my work to audio related projects, especially Pro-audio and studio techniques. Recently I have acquired some stuff so I'll be trying to put it together. Of course it does not mean that the rest of things-to-do will be set totally aside.

So for now, several things to add to my list:

1. Speaker box - needs finishing (filling, priming and painting - I will elaborate soon) and fixing the speakers (also will elaborate in the next few notes).

2. Amplifier - a classic LM3875 based gainclone. Only needs an enclosure of some kind, as I have all the parts (I think so) ready.

3. Headphone amplifier - project work currently. An op-amp driving a complementary (MJE340/350) pair with DC-servo.

4. Other stuff, like an vintage BOSS reverb clone, or Coron DS-8 drum synth. Lots of stuff.

See you soon!

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