czwartek, 29 sierpnia 2013

Loudspeaker - part 3

Okay, so today I have found some time to work with the enclosure. It was covered with a thick layer of acrylic filler, that was applied some years ago. This filler turned out to be too brittle for my use, as I wanted to have all the angles as sharps as possible. In order to obtain that I decided to use a totally different filler, a polyurethane filler, that is two part filler. I chose Finish (Novol) to obtain as fine grain as possible, yet have a hard filler layer.

Firstly I sanded really hard the acrylic filler to remove as much as possible. To do that I sanded it hard with 60 grit paper until most of the filler was removed. Additionally I sanded some of the MDF front to fit the shape of the enclosure.

Finally after sanding and blowing all the dust out I sprayed the sanded enclosure with acrylic primer (Motip, cheap one). The primer serves two roles here - firstly it helps the polyurethane filler to stick to the surface, secondly the primer fills small cracks and holes on the surface. The second role of the primer will be very useful later, as I will apply the same primer on top of polyurethane filler, before I paint the whole damn thing.

Primed enclosure (on the left), and box before priming (on the right).

Using a water based primer had a bad outcome on the OSB. Although the OSB I use is said to be waterproofed (with same kind of wax on the surface) one piece of the boxed absorbed the primer and swelled - fortunately only a little. Unfortunately this was the top part of the enclosure, so anything here would be very visible. To make things right I sanded this part (again), even harder to sand the wood of the OSB, to hide the swelling and primed it again. Still, it is very rough but this will be hidden underneath the filler.

At this point (and all further points, regarding the paint job) I would like to thank Saskia from, that helped me a lot in understanding how things should be made. I bow before your master knowledge.

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