niedziela, 25 sierpnia 2013

Loudspeaker - part 1

As I have stated some time ago I'm biasing my resources towards audio systems for some time. Additionally I have several - quite old - projects that I have abandoned few years ago and want to finish them now. One of this projects is a 2-Way loudspeaker system based on Tonsil GDN 20/40 (that additionally needs some fixing) and Visaton SC10N.

I wanted to have this monitors as simple as possible, even if this means sacrificing some performance. In case of this speaker the sacrifice is in the low end of the spectrum - bass. The 20 cm woofer will  not have exquisite performance under - let's say - 100 Hz od 80 Hz. But on the other hand it wil provide a dynamic sound, what is more important for me.

The enclosure is 20 liters, closed (simplicity). GDN woofer is used without any equalization or cross-over (simplicity), SC10N is cut at around 3000 Hz with a 12 db/oct short pass CLC filter.

Enclosure is made from 18 mm thick OSB with an additional layer of 4 mm MDF on the front glued on. The MDF front layer is due to the fact that you can not mill in OSB and I wanted to hide the speakers somehow deeper in the front.

Actually I'm watinig for the glue on front panels to cure. After that - filing, sanding, priming and painting. I will post some more detailed information later on in the next part - together with some photos and calculations for the system.

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