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XVI century coif

As I am completing an XVI century Landsknecht kit I've decided to finish some stuff that was 'on hold'. The first thing - a Landsknecht coif. Not really varying from a normal coif from that period (from late XV up to - let's say - middle of XVI) only with slashings to make it fit to the overal style. This kind of head-wear is in use from, at least, XII century to XVI or even later, I do not really know.

This is the pattern that I used:

Usually coifs like this were made from linen, as they were only worn under other types of head-wear in order to soak the sweat etc. In my case, and generally in late XV and on, I wanted it to be a simple stand-alone head-wear. Additionally I intend to use it as a part of padding of the helmet I'll be wearing later (proto-burgonet or similar).

My coif is made from two layers of wool in the same colors as my doublet, only in opposite order. The most external layer is from dark-blue wool, the inner layer from red. The coif also has lining inside, made from white linen. Apart from the linings inside seams, everything is hand-sewn with linen thread. I guess it came quite well, especially with my lack of skills ;)
Coif with one side of the slashing visible - you can see the inner red wool
Slashing on the other side

And some details:

Overall I'm glad from the outcome. This means that I have The top half of the Landsknecht kit ready and need only to make the trousers (or re-use the regular late XV century ones that I already have) and shoes. This would conclude the textilepart of the XVI kit... for now I guess.

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