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XVI century shirt

Last few days (or rather few weekends) I was busy making a shirt for the XVI century Landsknecht kit. Finally it's ready and I can show me new shirt. It looks like so:

And with the doublet:

The pattern is classical for this kind of garment. (see below): 

Basic medieval shirt pattern (adapted from The Medieval Tailor Assistant)
I have only omitted the side gores, that are sometimes used (not in this pattern), as the shirt is very wide and the gores are totally unnecessary. Of course I have kept the underarm gussets, as they seem to be crucial for a period shirt. The point is to make everything extremally wide. The 

The smocking around the neck is based on this painting:

A young man (Holbein 1518)
I have used this tutorial in order to learn how to do that and must say that this is amazingly fast and easy. The only mistake I made was making the marks 2 cm apart. It would be much better if they would be 1.5 cm or 1 cm apart giving a finer smock.

And that's all. I hope it looks as good as expected. The next thing - a hood based on Sebald Beham woodcut :

Months - December(?) (Beham 1546)

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