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New Years resolutions

So, the New Year is here, so I have some plans for 2013, these concern historical reenactement, airsoft gun and of course electronics and vintage (or not only) computing and of course science. Of course this is only the part that will be published on the blog.

As I have some spare time in my last day of holiday I'll write some details about these fields. This also is a good thing for me so I can list some plans for this year.

1. Finish my XVI century kit - a lot of work. Still need to obtain shoes and sew trousers and this is a minimum plan! The maximum includes also making an sayan or some other kind of outer garment and a hat&coif set. Also I would need some armour, but this depends mainly on the money I have, not the work I put into that.

2. Finish my early medieval kit - much less work than above. The only thing that I really need to obtain are the shoes/boots, probably an Oseberg replica. And finish sewing some extra clothes. Apart from that I would love to finish puting together a belt and a spear, plus buying some padded garment and some details.

3. Put together an working Amiga 500. Currently my A500 is quite dismantled at the moment. I have to put everything together and install some nice operating system.

4. Obtain/put together an working 8088 or 8086 or at least 80286 system. I have enough stuff  to be able to do that, apart from a AT case (a desktop is a must be!) and an MFM hard drive.

5. Finish the 386 setup by installing the system - MS-DOS with NT or some linux, but I do not know any linux that could run on 386...

6. Finish the 486 setup by installing system and putting the thing into a AT case - must be a desktop one.

7. Put together the Pentium on a PICMG single board PC setup - lots of tinkering to do, I have to buy a 2,5" HDD, install everything in a 1U Rack case that I have prepared for such systems etc..There is a slim chance that I will exchange the Pentium MMX in this setup for something newer at some point...

8. Put the touch screen together and install it in the Protech PC. This is the final step, after this computer will be put to some serious use.  Done!

9. Finish systems for data acquisitions... and there are several of them, at least one that will be put to some serious use - the precise Analog-to-Digital converter with an USB interface, that I have described earlier.

10. Finish the electrodes for the microscope and make it soon. If this will work as planned I will show you some nice experiments (as soon as the get published or presented to the scientific society). Done!

11. Finish my rifle for airsoft. Currently I need only to put an outer barrel extender and measure how fast the BBs are. I do not plan to do much more, but without this I cannot really put it to use outdoors. Done!

12. Finish my airsoft gear. Currently I have bough all I need, it needs only putting together and adjusting some details... and photoshooting it thoroughly. And then probably I'll buy more gear.  Done!

Aaaaaand this seems to be all. At least for now, probably I'll add something more if I'll remember... or add some photos, especially of the reenactement or ASG part.

So I add the thing(s) that I have forgot to add before:

13. Streaming DVB-T using DLNA over WiFi. Currently I own a DLNA TV (LG LCD) with a ethernet connection. I work on connecting a WiFi AP Client-mode receiver to make it work over WiFi. This is a multi-step project as I have never worked with DLNA or DVB or streaming any content through network. So the first thing to do is to stream anything over small net (cable) consisting of a router and TV. Then do the same thing using WiFi. Then I plan to install MediaTomb on my LinuxBox server and use this software for streaming content over DLNA using wireless connection. And the final step - stream DVB-T content in real life (from an DVB-T receiver/decoder in the LinuxBox).

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