niedziela, 13 stycznia 2013

the Touching Ending

Finally I have completed the Book-Sized PC (BPC) that I was writing recently. The final step was adding a touch screen to the system as I intend to use this setup for controlling some processes (details will be given when this plans will come closer to realization).

So, I have acuired a LCD and TS and a controller recently,from a dismantled CNC controller. The only problem was the fact that the whole thing was dead. Really dead. With the LCD it was quite simple - totally exploded power supply and dead capacitors. Piece of cake (actually I just bought a new 12 V power supply).

The harder part was with the touch screen controller. Apparently it's PSU did something nasty when dying, as I have encountered really burned pcb:

Power filtering capacitor was totally fried, together with pcb - few layers deep. Fortunately only this was destroyed, and the 3M EXII ASIC was alive. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of this fixed, as I forgot to make a photo before installing it in the LCD.

The last problem was with the configuration, but this was only software related. 3Ms drivers do not work well when you want to have multiple displays with only one beeing touch-sensitive. But I do not need multiple displays at the moment (although I can have up to three of them).

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