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Car PC, vintage style, part 2

So I have managed to run this piece of hardware. It powers up when 12 V is applied to some pins of the back connector:

So this means that this hardware is worth the work I will put into it. After double checking if everything that I was able to check is alive (LCD, VGA out, keypad) I removed the flash disc (8 MB Disk-on-Chip), and carefully placed it in the Geode PC (as it is my only running PC with DoC slot). Geode booted from the DoC, as it has no operting system at the moment. It seems that this PC is running a normal MS-DOS - yay! On the DoC I have found also some applications for this system - this will be disassembled soon. Also this means that I will have to put the Geode in working condition - put an HDD inside (there is a 20 GB HDD waiting) and install MS-DOS or something compatible, together with an C compiler, disassembler and what not.

Second thing I have noted is the connector for the Car PC:

This connector has COM, VGA and most important a Keyboard signals inside. The last thing is quite crucial at the moment I guess. It will allow me to install a normal MS-DOS on the DoC and add some hardware sniffing and testing programs. This is a must if I want to use it (and I do).

So - things to do:

1. Finish working on the Geode (HDD, OS - MS-DOS, software).
2. Get the round 19 pin connector for the front-panel of the Car PC.

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