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Car PC, vintage style, part 3

So I have started debugging the Car PCs software and getting really into programming on that thing. I have divided the work into several 'modules' so I can gather information about one specific part of the device, independent of the rest.

1. Keypad:
Fairly simple, or event very simple. You can program it to output any character you want to using some dedicated software that I do not have. Currently the arrow keys on the front-panel go a b c d and enter is just enter.

2. LCD:
Quite easy. There are two ways of using the character LCD on the front panel: with or without drivers. If one  wants to do everything manually Data bus is under 0A9h indexed through port 22h and the control  bus is under 0A8h indexed through port 22h. Also there is a *.COM driver that allows to remap the first four lines to the LCD. The driverless version of LCD control seems nicer to me, as long as the LCD used in the PC is a HD44780 compatible.

3. GPS:
Harder. Now I know only that the GPS is residing at COM1 interface. I hope this is a fairly standard COMport GPS device and will work with nearly standard communication protocol.

4. I/O:
There is a CAN interface, Analog in and Digital in/out. Still no clues how to get to that.

5. Front panel connector:
Localized and nearly ordered.

6. Sound card:
probably there is one.

That's all for now I guess.

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