wtorek, 6 marca 2012

Night work on Amiga hardware.

As you might remember, recently I've fried my Amiga PSU. Although I would like to repair it someday, at this moment I've decided to use an ATX PSU from a PC. I bought a PSU from a Dell GX280, because it's nice and slim and soldered the cable from the original Amiga PSU into the Dell one. I have to add a switch and some nice LED to have it complete and test it with my Amiga.

I'm in a hurry a little, because I'm getting a little unpatient with my Protar A500HD - a SCSI controller with Fast RAM. Althought it was working correctly on a ghetto version of the PSU (cables from the Amiga PSU sticked into an AT power supply connector) but the RAM was not working. This might be an issue with power supply quality - the AT PSU I'm using is not in the best condition possible and gives voltages that are not exactly correct, or with the RAM itself. Now I got over 20 different SIMMs to test them and a fancy new PSU - I hope that both will work and I'll manage to get the 8MB FastRAM :-).

No pictures today, but I will post some as soon as I get the ATX-Amiga Power Supply complete and my Amiga running (with 8MB FastRAM, I hope).

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