piątek, 9 marca 2012

Reduction ring

I love showing nicely rendered pictures of my projects :3 so here is a small, yet very important thing - an ring with threads, for thread reduction. Outer ring is SM1, and inner is M18. It will allow me to mount a prism in my spectroscope, and this means that I will hove to show it to you as soon as I finish constructing it.

Making these one made me learn how to configure a new thread in Autodesk Inventor, because the SM1 thread is not defined in the software. I anyone would be interested I could make a simple tutorial for that.

Spectrometer will consist of a prism, mounted via this adapter, an an iDus CCD camera. This device is a 1024x256 px camera, designed for use as an spectrometer. I will post some specs later on, when I will show the whole device.

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