piątek, 9 marca 2012

Amiga new PSU and some other new stuff.

I've managed to get some more free time and finished converting the Dell PSU to use it with my Amiga. I've added a simple switch to connect PS_ON to GND and a green LED on PWR_OK to signal if the PSU is working. Amiga is working decently on that, although I have not testet it yet under full load. I guess it shouldn't be a problem. The PSU can supply up to 15A on +5V and 12A on +12V lines. More than enough for my setup (with everything on).

At the moment my Amiga looks like that: 

Not very good indeed. I plan to put it together and mount the metal shielding (at least underneath the motherboard) as soon as I finish all the planned mods. On the left you can  the Protar A500HD, connected to the Amiga via side expansion slot (aka Zorro I). Unfortunately I've failed to run any RAM on it. I've tested like 30 pieces of SIMM memory (EDO and FPM, different size and timing) and none of them showed anything in CLI after AVAIL-ing the available memory. It seems that one realy need the Protar RAM sticks, that differ somehow from normal sticks. So this part of my plans is still a big fail. 
On the other hand I've got a new external FDD, that is lying under the Amiga, as seen in the photo above.
As you can see the trapdor expansion port is empty. It is because I've just received an KCS Power PC Board bought on Amibay.com:

I plan to install it as soon as I finish the 1MB Chip + 0,5MB Fast mod. I will have to solder a small pcb for generating control signals for the additional RAM in the expansion slot, as the Amiga will natively adress the 1MB of RAM that is soldered on the motherboard. KCS Power PC should add additional 0,5MB of Fast RAM and a RAM disk (?) or something ;). We'll se how it works, when it will work. At the moment putting the card in does not make any difference in anything, as the JP7A jumper is cut.

So, there are some plans for the future, concerning this region of my interests:
  • Finish the mod for using 1MB Chip on-board and 0,5MB Fast in the trapdoor (I'll be testing it firstly with other expansions).
  • Mount the metal shielding of the Amiga.
  • Try to run any RAM on the Protar.
  • Test and run the KCS Power PC.

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