niedziela, 19 lutego 2012

Fried Amiga PSU

I have recently fried my Amiga powersupply, so until I don't manage to get a new one or repair this I will not be showing any Amiga goodnes. The good thing is that my Amiga is still alive (I've tested in on a AT PSU).

Okay, so from now the plans look like that:

  • Repair the PSU for Amiga.
  • Get some internet on the Linux Box to apt-get needed software (eg. setserial) and download the .adf's for Amiga.
  • Install AmigaOS 2.x on the Amiga (as now I have Kickstart 2.05 and probably will not change it for 3.1 now).
  • Run AmiTCP. Internet on A500 !!!oneone
  • Finish the plans for PAK68/3. I'm planning to make this accelerator for my Amiga, and now I'm at the beginning putting all the schematics into Eagle.
In the mean time:

  • Try to write some software for the AT90USB162 on the Intersil evaluation board. I've checked that it can be done. One can download the whole .hex file from the uC and program it with something else.
  • Have some fun with a rack. And Eurocard. More info soon.
  • I have some loudspeakers to repair. As this is part of a pending project the priority is high :).

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