środa, 8 lutego 2012

Amiga Kickstart switcher installation

So let's get starting! First with a Kickswitch installation in my Amiga 500. 
I've recently bought an Kickstart switcher by random chance. Instead of buying a fully tested one I've decided to go for a untested one, that I've found on allegro. It was a set with a A500 rev 6a motherboard in a not-very-mint condition but still everything seemed to be in place, so there I was:

After checking the electrical connections of the switch I delicately pryed the old Kickstar ROM from my Amiga and inserted the connector into the socket. I have insulated everithing with some foamy stuff used for packing electronics (after checking that it is not conductive).

First boot - Kickstart 1.3:

Reboot and switch the kick - Kickstart 2.05 (I somehow expected that one):


So... I got a Kickstart switcher up and running for half the price of a regular (fully tested and/or new). Next step - reflash the Kick from 2.05 to 3.1. I hope to get my hands on some eeprom programmer at work.

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