czwartek, 9 lutego 2012

Some initial evaluation

So today I've received a package from Intersil containing their ISL26134 Evaluation Board. As I have not read the application note earlier I didn't knew what to expect. Surprise was big, just look at the board:
Photo by Intersil.
So we have the full application of the ADC, with all four channels, internal and external reference voltage and all the configuration pins jumper-controlled - nice. But there is more! after a Si8441BB galvanic isolation there is a uC, an AT90USB162 AVR. Let's say that this part I've been expecting (as a maximum) but the uC ISP pins are on a standard 6pin pin-header(!) and there is more - four switches, some LEDs, even an SPI port on a header... hey - is it an ADC or AVR evaluation board?

Tomorrow I plan to do something more than installing the software on my PC. First let's test the board, second let's test the AVR. I hope I can get to it's software (for backup) and then try to reprogram it to use the evaluation board for some future fun.

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