czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2013

1Q after, progress? zero.

After first quarter of the year I though about summarizing some stuff and making some plans for the near future. So, my main thoughts:

  1. I did almost nothing in the field of the reenactment  Apart from buying early medieval shoes and a some padded garment for fighting no stuff here worth mentioning. I guess that this stuff will be on hold for some more time.
  2. Almost finished with my stuff for airsoft. The rifle is complete and working with 420 feet per second on a 0.25 g BBs and the gear is also complete (apart from med-kit 'stuffing'). Maybe I should post some photos soon...
  3. VME crate
    1. The crate itself is almost finished
      1. Only thing lacking are several nuts and screws and double checking everything if it's ok.
    2. The CPU card is running fine
      1. But in order to attach an drive to it I need to prepare an breakout box for the P2 VME connector.
      2. If it will work I will be able to put an SCSI drive there and install an Linux OS.
      3. Together with VME Universe drivers.
    3. As soon as the above is done I start working on my own VME card. For now I have CPLDs (xilinx) for the addres decoder and data latch. 
    4. Apart from VME CPU card I have an STEBus card that needs to be tested. It has CGA or similar graphics, so it will also need some work to run.
  4. At work I'm into several projects that I try to describe here:
    1. USB 24 bit 80 sps ADC
      1. Need to master the USB connectivity of the AVR used there.
      2. After that - write a protocol to work with an LabView developed software easily.
      3. Write some code to use the ADC that is on the board, but this should be relatively simple.
    2. Short pulse generator
      1. Build the pulse generator, as this part is already fully designed.
      2. Test some ways of producing high voltage, high current short pulses. I have several routes for that in my head, so after testing them I hope to achieve the parameters that I need.
  5. I have acquired some nice machines recently, some of them even running. I guess that this place, apart from the Inventory, is a good place to sum it up.
    1. Tulip 8088:
      1. Needs cleaning of a leaked battery.
      2. And installing a new one.
      3. Display - has an CGA card, I do not have an CGA monitor, although I have an CGAtoVGA converter (that needs 12 V to work). It should do the trick.
      4. Keyboard - this is an XT, so I need to have an XT keyboard or an XT-AT converter.
      5. I intend to use the 8088 with an Xircom Pocket Ethernet do I need to install drivers for this. 
    2. IBM 286 is fine and working. 
      1. I need only to install Xircom PE3 drivers.
      2. And maybe some additional software.
    3. 386 is dead at the moment (RAM error I guess)
      1. Investigate the RAM error (first 64k). I hope that this isn't a dead motherboard case...
    4. 486 is working but without any OS
      1. The main problem is in forcing it to boot from a FDD. The FDD is controlled by SCSI card, and this seems to be a bit problematic.
      2. If this will work, and the SCSI HDD is alive (it should be) only thing left to do is to install some OS, preferably Windows 95.
    5. PICMG Pentium
      1. Put it together maybe?
      2. Definitely put it together and make it run.
      3. Install an OS.
    6. PowerMac 7200
      1. Need to buy a keyboard; 
      2. And mouse (both with ADB interface).
      3. Install new Mac OS (9.1?) - english! current is in german.
    7. Amiga 500
      1. I don't event know is it working still and if I do have all the parts ;-). j/k, but still have to put it together.
I guess that this is all that I have on my mind now. I hope that I will be able to cross out some of this things in the next 3 months.

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