czwartek, 9 maja 2013

Short pulse generator, part 2.

At last I have some time to write about recent progress in the matter of the short pulse generator. I have almost finished making the first prototype of this device. I had decided to use an integrated output stage. After some research I found IXDD604, and IC from IXYS that is dedicated as an MOSFET gate driver. Maximum voltage is 35 V and current a A, so it exceeds my needs in terms of power. 35 V peak amplitude must satisfy our needs at this moment, as this solution is very neat and I do not want to go into more complicated solutions as this should allow us to generate <30 ns pulses without any fuss.

The PCB is a single sided, as most of the elements are SMD. Only the driver is in THT as I was unable to obtain an SMD IXDD604 here. Such a design allowed us to make this PCB with thermotransfer and soon the prototype should be ready and soldered. I will post it as soon as I solder the prototype and run some tests.

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