wtorek, 12 lutego 2013

Early medieval reenactment

As you might rememeber some of my New Year resolutions were not connected with PCs or electronics. One of the things that I wanted to focus on is historical reenactment. Although my early medieval kit is not yet finished I would like to show you couple of old pictures of the textil-part of the whole thing.

The basic set consists of trousers based on the Thorsberg and Damendorf bog finds. Although they are not medieval at all - dated to around IV century - a find from Skjodelhamn resembles this pattern and allows me to claim that this is accurate. The set consists also from two tunics - silk undertunic and a thicker green, wool tunic (unfinished as for now). On the head I have a felt cap and a hood based on the hood found in Skjodelhamn. The hood is made from two layers of wool, one thin for the shell and a thick fluffy layer inside. The belt bag is also made from felt with red felt appliqués and silver silk embroidery. The belt is not period.

For colder weather I have an cloak (half a circle with wooden buttons) or a kaftan made from felt. The kaftan has small glass buttons (hand made) for closing. Good thing about this piece of garment is the fact that this is almost completely waterproof.

This is not everything that I have now for this period. Surely I will post more pictures soon (although I do not know how soon). I have to finish the tunic and belt to have something new. In the mean time I have received period shoes and I'm waiting for some pieces of military equipment.

The photos were made by M. Niedlich

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  1. Cos jeszcze nieubrudzony jestes na tych fotach. Malo realistycznie. No chyba ze pies dopiero sie rozkreca :P

  2. Zdjęcia były robione zimą 2010 - trzy lata temu ;-) jak ciuchy były jeszcze spod igły. Teraz duża część z nich wygląda znacznie gorzej...