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Setup for optoelectronic characterization of nanostructures

So I managed finally to put together the setup for optoelectronic characterization of nanostructures, consisting of a wide-field fluorescent microscope that we have at work in the institute and my set of devices, namely the precise ammeter and electrode holders together with two power supplies (one for powering the ammeter, second one for polarizing the sample. Sorry for the low quality of photos, but I have only ma cellphone camera here at the moment.

Electrode holders are placed on a metallic plate (in order to fix them to the microscope using small neodymium magnets). The electrodes are made of sewing needles (cheap, easy to get and with a  sharp tip).

Here is the operator view of the whole setup. On the right there is also an PC that is collecting the data from the CCD camera in the microscope and from the picoammeter, using an National Instruments USB DAQ. On the right, next to the microscope, is the PSU used for polarizing the sample. It is capable of outputting up to 200 W or 40 V, whatever is lower at the current moment.

And here is the side view of the setup with the bug PSU powering the ammeter on the right, the ammeter and USB DAQ behind it. The computer controlling the whole thing is not shown here.

So stay tuned for some preliminary results (as soon as I obtain anything that is worth showing).

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