wtorek, 11 grudnia 2012

New machines, new plans.

Recently - last weekend - I was gifted with two new machines for my collection. One of them is a VIA EDEN SBC in the 3,5" form factor and the second is a PICMG 1.0 single card PC with a Pentium MMX.

The first machine has various industry features, like 4 COM ports, PC/104 interface and a completely fanless cooling. I plan to build several cards for the PC/104 interface (starting with the DIO card seen below). This way I will have an powerfull, ethernet-enabled machine booting from an Compac Flash card for managing the I/O features of any system. Below is the photo of the current state of the motherboard with the heatsink. Not very impressive, isn't it?

The second PC that I was gifted with is a PICMG 1.0 processor card with a Pentium MMX CPU. Accidentaly I had such backplane and a dedicated rackmount housing for such a card. Below is a photo of the whole set - the card in the housing. Currently only the power is connected to the board, as I had time only to check if the card is alive. The next step is to complete the whole interior - FDD, CD and a 2,5" HDD. I will probably put an DIO card inside, or leve the only ISA/PCI slot empty and waiting for 'better times' ;-).

The inventory page of my blog is also updated a bit, there is a summary of all the machines I currently have. I revise it from time to time.

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