wtorek, 8 maja 2012

Small update

I'm still alive! Not much was done recently, but there were some minor changes in the Inventory. I've added more RAM to the 486 machine, now it has magnificent 64MB of RAM. On the other hand I took 2MB of 386 RAM in order to put it into the Sound Blaster AWE32 card that is fitted now in the 486 machine. Last but not least I've found a bracket to mount the HDD in the case of the 386, so now it has an SCSI drive.

As for the plans - I'm still waiting for another desktop AT case a friend of mine promised me ;-). When it will arrive I will be able to fit the 486 there. After that I will start installing stuff on the PCs - DOS 6.22 OR some linux (probably deli(cate) or some other, suitable for low-end computers). After instaling basic OS there will be time to install hardware goodies in the PCs - I/O card etc. I'll keep you all informed for sure.

In the mean time I have to fix my Amiga to have it 100% usable OR finish the 2MB chip hack I'm working on. Probably this will be the first thing I'll do, as it needs only to solder few wires and to put it back in the original case.

After all that I have an LCD with touchscreen to run, that a friend gave me. It will be fun to have a touchscreen with one of the PCs.

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