wtorek, 19 marca 2013

IBM PS/2 Model 30-286

Some time ago I have bought this PC to finally have an 286 in my collection. It arrived a bit dirty but fully operational.

Although the case was a bit dirty the insides do not have much dust on them. It seems that the computer was stored in a rather nice place. The PC has a 286@10MHz CPU and around 1 meg of RAM. As this is obviously not enough formy taste I decided to add an RAM-card that was laying in my workshop from ome time. It seems to work, but gives 'only' 3712 KB of RAM. I guess this is only due to the jumper settings of the RAM-card, that I have to play with in the nearest future.

To enrich this machine even more and to allow it to have some connection to the outside world I have also added an Xircom Pocket Ethernet adapter (with RJ45 connector) to plug it to my ethernet at some point. A neat thing, that you may see here are the ports of that machine - keyboard and mouse uses PS/2 connectors which I find very convenient, when plugging it into my Compaq KVM (not so retro, I know).

As this machine is fully operational at the moment, with IBM-DOS on board (I do not remember the number) only thing that needs work here is the memory. The machine itself can take up to 4 megs of RAM on board, an the RAM-card should give additional 3 megs, making it 7 total - quite impressive for an 286. Additionally I plan to buy an 287 coprocessor and put it in, so I can try to test some calculations, why not. I have two more ISA slots so maybe I'll populate them with some other board in the future (a full-length data acquisition card would fit just right).

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