piątek, 17 sierpnia 2012

RTCU cont.

So I have started playing with the RTCU DX4 pro that I've mentioned earlier. The approach is quite new for me, as I'm used to drawing your software, instead of writing the code, as I'm usually programing in LabView. Also most of the automation engeineers is used to graphic programming, as most of the PLC software is 'drawn'. But... here we go.

Firstly - I have got an LCD in the unit. Screw blinking LEDs, lets do the classics:

 PROGRAM test_1;  
 // These are the local variables of the program block  
 // The next code will only be executed once after the program starts  
 // displayClear();  
   displayPower(power:= ON);  
   displayXY(x:=1, y:=1);  
   displayString(message:="Hello world");  
   an_out := 100;  

So - yay - the display works. Next thing is to display something more 'active', lets do a clock:

Okay. And next - add some status readings. In this cas the power supply voltage and temperature inside the module (and a mysterious number):

   // Code from this point until END will be executed repeatedly  
   displayXY(x:=1, y:=1);  
   displayString(message:="T "+sintToStr(v:=clock.hour)+":"+sintToStr(v:=clock.minute)+":"+sintToStr(v:=clock.second)+" ");  
   displayXY(x:=1, y:=2);  
   displayString(message:="V="+intToStr(v:=boardSupplyVoltage()/10)+" temp="+intToStr(v:=boardTemperature()/100));   

The mysterious number is read from the front-panel keypad that I'm currently fighting with. Wihout using any kind of interrupts it's quite hard to have an keyboard input AND do some stuff in the same time. I mean - you can always multithread (this controller is capale of that) but wihout that it is not that simple, and there must be a trick to do that. Currently I do not know the trick so I'm stuck with that.

The clock() is a functionblock of clockGet type, that allows me to get to the real time clock in the device.

Tomorrow I'll try to interface with the SD-card inside and iButton memory on the dedicated 1-Wire line. If someone would need the codes for the upper examples I can publish them here. Source code posted for the upper examples and will be posted for all examples later.

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